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    New C header file added containing global definitions of all IOCtl calls presently supported. · 58343538
    Simon Forrest authored
      The IOCtl calls used to be defined only within the DualSerial sources;
      no central (global) definitions were available.  The file "IOCtl.h" has
      been added to overcome this, defining IOCtl call reason and group codes,
      and declaring a structure "ioctl_t" used when using IOCtls via OS_Args.
      This is exported to "C.Global.h.IOCtl" by HdrSrc.
      At present, no assembler header file exists as it is unlikely
      to be required due to the majority of new source being written in C,
      although the file "IOCtl.h" could be auto-generated by Hdr2H from an
      assembler variant in the future if required.
      Also added support for StripDepnd into makefile.
    Version 0.33. Tagged as 'HdrSrc-0_33'
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