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    Add new "26" machine type. Simplify ARM2 support. · 7d0f8d91
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      hdr/Machine/26, hdr/Machine/Machine - Add new "26" machine type, which targets all 26 bit machines/OS versions (running only in 26 bit mode)
      hdr/CPU/Arch - Use ELIF to avoid bracket spam. Remove duplicate CortexA7 case.
      hdr/CPU/Generic26 - Add NOPs to PSR manipulation macros in order to make them ARM2-safe (Generic32 macros are already structured to have suitable NOPs when generating 32bit-neutral code, so it makes sense for Generic26 to take care of ARM2 as well). This removes the need for components which use these macros to insert any manual NOPs, whether for the StrongARM MSR bug or the ARM2 TEQP bug.
      hdr/CPU/Generic32 - Flag the StrongARM MSR NOP diagnostic message as a warning, so the line number can be included in the output, so developers can more easily investigate the issue.
      Tested with PlingSystem build
    Version 2.63. Tagged as 'HdrSrc-2_63'
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