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    Add a definition of the BEN bit in SCTLR (née MMU control register) · 79a72575
    Ben Avison authored
    The memory barriers ISB, DSB & DMB were intially introduced in ARMv6 as CP15
    operations, however they were replaced at ARMv7 with dedicated instructions
    and the old CP15 encodings deprecated. Since ARMv7VE was introduced, some CPUs
    can be configured to make the CP15 encodings undefined instructions. For
    unconfigurable CPUs, the CP15 encodings are always enabled, but for others,
    we need to set this bit in SCTLR.
    Note, this sort of behaviour usually implies ARM intend on removing these
    instructions in a future architecture, so we might need to plan for this
    Version 2.78. Tagged as 'HdrSrc-2_78'
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