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    Add *Where to debugger's armoury · be5b800a
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Largely inspired/ripped off from the DebugTools module, but using OS_DynamicArea 20 for the bulk of area searching. The address to lookup goes through the usual parser for Debugger commands so can be a hex address/register/implied exception PC if no arguments given.
    Removed limited lookup from *ShowRegs command; this wasn't especially useful being hardwired to PC since only data aborts have a valid PC, normally the other registers are more interesting.
    Fix miscapitalisation of ShowVFPRegs syntax (presumably to avoid it using Token0) by adding a DictTokens directive, since the syntax is used by code in the module which doesn't work with Token0.
    Split German messages out into CmdHelp/Messages.
    Tested in an IOMD ROM build with various edge cases.
    Version 1.90. Tagged as 'Debugger-1_90'
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