Commit 855d1062 authored by ROOL's avatar ROOL 🤖
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Add support for RFC2553

  headers/net/if.h: new defines, structs, prototypes per RFC2553.
  headers/netdb.h: new defines, structs, prototypes per RFC2553 (from FreeBSD revision 102227).
  headers/sys/socket.h: portability sockaddr_storage struct, extend list of PF_ and AF_ defines (from FreeBSD revision 102227).
  headers/netinet/in.h: new defines, structs, prototypes per RFC2553 (from FreeBSD in6.h revision 102227)
          if_nametoindex.c: import of new interface functions (from FreeBSD revision 100138).
          in6addr.c: constant structs for in6addr_any and in6addr_loopback per RFC2553.
          getnainfo.c: import of new function (from FreeBSD revision 158790).
          getipnode.c: new (with hostentdup based on _hpcopy from FreeBSD revision 103335).
          getadinfo.c: new (with portions based on FreeBSD revision 103640).
  LibraryDoc: updated with summaries of the new functions in Inetlib.
  Test harness in test/rfc2553.c exercises most of the new functionality.
  Submission for TCP/IP bounty.

Version 5.66. Tagged as 'TCPIPLibs-5_66'
parent 49dd5204
......@@ -26,10 +26,9 @@ static char sccsid[] = "@(#)gethostent.c 5.3 (Berkeley) 3/9/86";
#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include "netdb.h"
#include "sys/types.h"
#include "sys/socket.h"
#include "netdb.h"
#include "inetlib.h"
......@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ static char sccsid[] = "@(#)getservbyport.c 5.3 (Berkeley) 5/19/86";
#include <string.h>
#include "sys/types.h"
#include "sys/socket.h"
#include "netdb.h"
#include "inetlib.h"
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