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    Added cut-down target which excludes RISC_OSLib. · ca39be4e
    Stewart Brodie authored
      This component now supports multiple TARGETs being passed in:
        Pass in CLib for a minimal C library excluding RISC_OSLib.
        Pass in RISC_OSLib to continue to build the full thing.
      BuildSys will be modified to make SharedCLibrary build ONLY
        the minimal library - this may mean that products that are
        to be updated may have to alter their components file to
        take the new SharedRISC_OSLib component instead of the
        SharedCLibrary target.
      syms.A_Entries is now automatically generated from C_Entries
        because this is the easiest way to generate the file.  If
        extra symbols are added to C_Entries, they will need to be
        removed by the egrep command which strips out _swi and _swix.
      Makefile tidied to be more careful about ${COMPONENT} and ${TARGET}
      clean_all rule improved to really clean things properly.
      Tested in STB400-2M build and on desktop build.
      Requires BuildSys-2_41 or later.
    Version 5.11. Tagged as 'RISC_OSLib-5_11'
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