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    Add locale support for selecting timezones from C armsys.c · 9fab6d08
    Robert Sprowson authored
      Ammended time() to match ISO9899 and just return UTC like it says.
      Inlined the single use of _bbctime() macro.
      The timezone within a territory can now be specified as part of the setlocale() function.
      This uses a qualifier to the already accepted territory name, for an example see test/tzones.c
      Shock addition of some comments to the locale parsing function.
      To avoid needing to mess about with C library workspace the timezone and territory are encoded internally into 1 word, with 10 bits allowing up to 1024 territories worldwide.
      Ripple through to strftime().
      localtime() updated to respect locale selection.
      Copyright headers added.
    Output compared with Windows XP using setlocale versus tzset to shift the program into Pacific time.
    Version 5.68. Tagged as 'RISC_OSLib-5_68'
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