1. 08 Nov, 1999 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      _kernel_call_client is now 32-bit application safe. · 323e58bd
      Stewart Brodie authored
        Since calls up to a 32-bit application (eg. main, atexit functions,
          qsort/bsearch comparison functions) won't preserve flags if the
          application is 32-bit, the _kernel_call_client needs to know that
          the Z flag it was relying on being preserved won't be any more.
        Tested and verified by dry run inspection only.
  2. 22 Sep, 1999 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      Fix for strcoll · e6cf1730
      Stewart Brodie authored
        Somebody had modified the SWI call to Territory_Collate to be done
          via _swix instead of _kernel_swi, but didn't remove the _kernel_swi_regs
          variable (r) and didn't change the function return value to return the
          new "ret" variable instead of r.r[0] which gives arbitrary results - in
          particular it confuses qsort.
        Tested that it builds.
      Version 4.97. Tagged as 'RISC_OSLib-4_97'
  3. 21 Sep, 1999 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      Fix for qsort to stop aborts. · 71094b4e
      Stewart Brodie authored
        If qsort is passed an invalid base pointer and the number of entries
          is zero, then due to some pointer artihmetic going wrong, it aborts.
          The fix is to trap zero length arrays and exit quickly.
        Required by cmhg prior to version 5.20 which had an explicit fix to
          prevent triggering this bug.
        Reportedly this fix is required by PhotoDesk prior to version 3.03.
      Version 4.96. Tagged as 'RISC_OSLib-4_96'
  4. 09 Jul, 1999 1 commit
  5. 12 May, 1999 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      Fixed up Makefile to export new header files. · 420d0857
      Stewart Brodie authored
        Added protection for cfront inclusion of stdint.h to ensure
          inclusion is faulted.
        Sources which are compiled -fussy will require Norcroft cc version
          5.11 or later in order to avoid the warning about the use of an
          undefined macro in an #if pre-processor statement and to avoid
          the non-ANSI include warning.
      Version 4.94. Tagged as 'RISC_OSLib-4_94'
  6. 11 May, 1999 1 commit
  7. 20 Jan, 1999 1 commit
  8. 06 Dec, 1998 1 commit
  9. 29 Oct, 1998 1 commit
    • Kevin Bracey's avatar
      New Japanese NC crash messages. · 1eb62d43
      Kevin Bracey authored
      A feeble hack to get Edit to display Japanese, plus a more serious attempt
      that doesn't work, compiled out.
      Version 4.91. Tagged as 'RISC_OSLib-4_91'
  10. 26 Oct, 1998 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      Added new -v4 pragma to derived swis.h header file. · f22c5f04
      Stewart Brodie authored
        Moved template for swis.h out of asm source into separate text file.
        s.makehswis: The text which forms the common header for the derived
          swis.h is now stored externally rather than declared inline with
          assembler directives.
        h.swisheaders: The external file containing the common header.
          Now wraps the declarations of _swi and _swix with "#pragma -v4"
          to activate the _swi/_swix parameter checking for those functions.
        Makefile: Added dependency of derived.swis on h.swisheader
        Built and exported.  Tested with cc 5.09 and it was happy with the
        new pragma (it ignores it).  Tested with what will be cc 5.10 and
        it recognised it and started checking _swi and _swix calls.
      Version 4.90. Tagged as 'RISC_OSLib-4_90'
  11. 01 Oct, 1998 1 commit
    • Kevin Bracey's avatar
      Ursula branch merged. · 9081a0dc
      Kevin Bracey authored
      StrongARMfudge flag removed.
      StrongARM compatibility set according to AMBKernel flag in Hdr:RISCOS
      strftime %U and %W specifiers fixed for week 0.
      Version 4.89. Tagged as 'RISC_OSLib-4_89'
  12. 11 Sep, 1998 1 commit
  13. 27 Aug, 1998 5 commits
  14. 21 Aug, 1998 1 commit
    • Richard Manby's avatar
      Fixed an RMA leak. · 31ab84f2
      Richard Manby authored
      If a module written in C uses function getenv, buffer space
      is allocated in the RMA. This buffer was never freed, leading
      to RMA leakage when the module was 'RMKill'ed or 'RMReInit'ed.
         added function _terminate_getenv to free the buffer
         added flag getenv_finalised to the exit_s structure
         initialised getenv_finalised in function _exit_init
         atexit tests getenv_finalised, calls _terminate_getenv
         version string changed to 4.86 (27 Jul 1998)
  15. 19 Sep, 1997 1 commit
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