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    Changes required for Customer W. · d08d7612
    Ben Avison authored
      * Implemented the thread-safety mutex macros for the user mode heap.
      * Created ansilibm, a version of ansilib suitable for building modules.
      * Fixed an overestimation of the size of the workspace passed to
        SharedCLibrary_LibInitModule[APCS_32] by the stubs.
      * Fixed bug in SharedCLibrary_LibInitModule[APCS_32] regarding handling of
        non-reentrant modules - if module code was at a higher address than the
        module data, then all the intervening data would be pointlessly copied
        back over itself with no allowance for volatility.
      * Removed the bsearch source file, since it was only required for APCS-A
        which the library has not supported since the year 2000, and which the
        compiler is now no longer able to build.
      ansilibm builds working modules, but thread safety has not been
      extensively tested.
    Version 5.47. Tagged as 'RISC_OSLib-5_47'