Commit ba6d6e54 authored by Robert Sprowson's avatar Robert Sprowson
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RISC_OSLib txtedit uses '_Version' for info box

This is the other half of !Edit, which now uses the centralised awk script to insert its version number into about boxes.
Retagged as RISC_OSLib-5_71.
parent aaef61b3
...@@ -2837,8 +2837,8 @@ dbox d; ...@@ -2837,8 +2837,8 @@ dbox d;
if (d == 0) return; if (d == 0) return;
dbox_raw_eventhandler(d, help_dboxrawevents, "PROGINFO"); dbox_raw_eventhandler(d, help_dboxrawevents, "PROGINFO");
/* Place the version string in the dialogue box */ /* Place the version string in the dialogue box */
dbox_setfield(d, 4, msgs_lookup("EditId")); /* AMcC 17-Jan-95 */ dbox_setfield(d, 4, msgs_lookup("_Version"));
dbox_show(d); dbox_show(d);
dbox_fillin(d); dbox_fillin(d);
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