Commit 9ac4cc52 authored by Jeffrey Lee's avatar Jeffrey Lee
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Makefile tweaks

  Makefile - Get the -depend option from ${STDTOOLOPTIONS}; also allows us to pull in the throwback flag. Fix all ${AS} calls to use ${AFLAGS} so that dependencies are tracked properly.
  Identical to previous binary

Version 5.83. Retagged as 'RISC_OSLib-5_83'
parent 917098cb
......@@ -61,9 +61,9 @@ XTENT = ${PERL} build:xtentries >
DIFF = gnu.diff -df >null:
AFLAGS = -depend !Depend
# The zz switch stops library static data being placed in a zero-init area
CFLAGS = -c -depend !Depend ${INCLUDES} -DDDE -fK -zz10000000 -jC:
CFLAGS = -c ${STDTOOLOPTIONS} ${INCLUDES} -DDDE -fK -zz10000000 -jC:
CPFLAGS = ~cfr~v
WFLAGS = ~c~r~v
......@@ -596,31 +596,31 @@ lib.riscoslibm: ${RLIB_MOD_OBJS}
o.cl_stub_r: clib.s.cl_stub_r
${AS} ${ALFLAGS} -from clib.s.cl_stub_r -to $@
${AS} ${AFLAGS} ${ALFLAGS} -from clib.s.cl_stub_r -to $@
o.cl_stub2_r: clib.s.cl_stub2_r
${AS} ${ALFLAGS} -from clib.s.cl_stub2_r -to $@
${AS} ${AFLAGS} ${ALFLAGS} -from clib.s.cl_stub2_r -to $@
o.k_stub2_r: kernel.s.k_stub2_r
${AS} ${ALFLAGS} -from kernel.s.k_stub2_r -to $@
${AS} ${AFLAGS} ${ALFLAGS} -from kernel.s.k_stub2_r -to $@
m_o.cl_stub_m: clib.s.cl_stub_m
${AS} ${ALFLAGS} -from clib.s.cl_stub_m -to $@
${AS} ${AFLAGS} ${ALFLAGS} -from clib.s.cl_stub_m -to $@
o_rl.rl_stub_r: rlib.s.rl_stub_r
${AS} ${ALFLAGS} -from rlib.s.rl_stub_r -to $@
${AS} ${AFLAGS} ${ALFLAGS} -from rlib.s.rl_stub_r -to $@
rm_o.cl_stub_rm: clib.s.cl_stub_rm
${AS} ${ALFLAGS} -from clib.s.cl_stub_rm -to $@
${AS} ${AFLAGS} ${ALFLAGS} -from clib.s.cl_stub_rm -to $@
rm_o.cl_stub2_rm: clib.s.cl_stub2_rm
${AS} ${ALFLAGS} -from clib.s.cl_stub2_rm -to $@
${AS} ${AFLAGS} ${ALFLAGS} -from clib.s.cl_stub2_rm -to $@
rm_o.k_stub2_rm: kernel.s.k_stub2_rm
${AS} ${ALFLAGS} -from kernel.s.k_stub2_rm -to $@
${AS} ${AFLAGS} ${ALFLAGS} -from kernel.s.k_stub2_rm -to $@
rm_o_rl.rl_stub_rm: rlib.s.rl_stub_rm
${AS} ${ALFLAGS} -from rlib.s.rl_stub_rm -to $@
${AS} ${AFLAGS} ${ALFLAGS} -from rlib.s.rl_stub_rm -to $@
lib.stubs: o.cl_stub_r o.k_stub2_r o.cl_stub2_r o.mathl
${AR} ${LIBFLAGS} $@ o.cl_stub_r o.k_stub2_r o.cl_stub2_r o.mathl
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