Commit 87d574b0 authored by Kevin Bracey's avatar Kevin Bracey
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Stubs modified to support static data init in RAM and ROM modules.

parent 01eff222
......@@ -36,9 +36,8 @@ SharedLibrary SETL {TRUE}
[ Code_Destination = "RAM"
IMPORT |__RelocCode|, WEAK
[ Code_Destination <> "RAM"
IMPORT |_Shared_Lib_Module_SWI_Code|
; These in the RAM version are provided by the entry inclusions
......@@ -153,9 +152,13 @@ OS_Module EQU &1e
; so initialise always acquires it. Is this reasonable?
STMFD sp!, {r14}
MOV r9, r0 ; save 'copy statics' flag
[ Code_Destination = "RAM"
BL |__RelocCode|
; [ Code_Destination = "RAM"
LDR r0, =|__RelocCode| ; if __RelocCode is present, call it and
TEQ r0, #0 ; note the address of the relocation table
MOVEQ r0, #-1 ; in r8, else just set r8 to -1
BLNE __RelocCode
MOV r8, r0
; ]
MOV r4, #0
MOV r5, #-1
CMP r9, #0
......@@ -185,17 +188,42 @@ OS_Module EQU &1e
MOV r6, r6, ASR #10
MOVS r6, r6, ASL #16
[ Code_Destination = "RAM"
STMFD sp!, {r8}
SWI X:OR:Lib_Init + 2
LDMFD sp!, {r8} ; KJB - why preserve here???
; For ROM BL to the SWI code directly (yuck!)
STMFD r13!,{r11,r12}
STMFD r13!,{r8,r11,r12}
MOV r11,#2 ; SWI offset
MOV r12,#-3 ; A number liable to address exception if used
BL |_Shared_Lib_Module_SWI_Code|
LDMFD r13!,{r11,r12}
LDMFD r13!,{r8,r11,r12}
BVS %F99
; [ Code_Destination = "RAM"
; Chunk of code to relocate all the pointers in the data area
STMFD sp!, {r1-r5}
LDR r1, [r12]
CMP r1, #12
BEQ %F80
CMP r8, #0
BMI %F80
LDR r1, =|Image$$RO$$Base| ; r1 = pointer to code
LDR r2, =|Image$$RW$$Base| ; r2 = pointer to data template in module code area
ADD r3, r12, #fixedwssize ; r3 = pointer to our real data area (XXXX what if r0 was 0 on entry?? XXXX)
SUB r3, r3, r2 ; r3 = offset from data template to real data
ADD r1, r1, r3 ; r1 = code + data offset (odd, but saves work below)
70 LDR r4, [r8], #4 ; get a word from the relocation table
MOVS r4, r4, ASR #2
BMI %F80 ; if top bit set, it's the end of the table
BCC %B70 ; if bit 1 not set, it's not a data relocation
LDR r5, [r1, r4, LSL #2] ; read in the word to be relocated from the data area
ADD r5, r5, r3 ; add the magic offset
STR r5, [r1, r4, LSL #2] ; and put it back
B %B70
80 LDMFD sp!, {r1-r5}
[ Code_Destination = "RAM"
MOV r6, r6, ASL #16
CMP r6, #LibraryVersionNumber :SHL: 16
......@@ -314,7 +342,7 @@ GetRoundObjAsm SETS ""
AREA |Stub$$Data|, DATA
GET kernel.s.k_data
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