Commit 66a060aa authored by Robert Sprowson's avatar Robert Sprowson
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Build fix 26 bit CLib (in PlingSystem) was missing AcquireMutex label.

Retagged as RISC_OSLib-5_88.
parent 9b78d05f
......@@ -3068,6 +3068,7 @@ StackOverflowFault Keep
ErrorBlock StackOverflow, "Stack overflow", C45
[ {CONFIG}=26
Arm2Swp ; like SWP a1,a1,[a2] but corrupts a3, lr and flags
SWI IntOff
LDR a3, [a2]
......@@ -3116,7 +3117,7 @@ Sleep
; a2 -> pollword
; must exit with Z set
MOV a1, #6
SWI &20033 ; XOS_UpCall
CMP a1, a1
MOV pc, lr
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