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    Open colour picker menus in the right place · ec3972c5
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Function dboxtcol() always opens colour pickers as transient submenus (in the flags to ColourPicker_OpenDialogue, plus listening for the menus deleted message) but chose to open the dialogue at the current mouse pointer, so obscuring part of the menu rather than opening it where the Style Guide wants it.
      Add a struct definition of menuwarn messages.
      Use the menuwarn struct rather than indexing the words[].
      Provided the last wimp event was the menu warning, use the x/y coordinates from that instead of the mouse pointer.
      Remove some local defines in favour of central ones.
      Make sure we use 0x80000000/0x7F000000 like the PRM says for the other 2 corners of the dialogue, not 0,0.
    Tested in a disc build of !Draw.
    Version 5.86. Not tagged
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