Commit 305dc195 authored by Jeffrey Lee's avatar Jeffrey Lee Committed by ROOL
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Allocate OS_PlatformFeatures 0 bit 22

Pyromaniac doesn't allow low-level control or examination of the memory
map; allocate an OS_PlatformFeatures bit to allow software to directly
detect this limitation instead of having to rely on the affected SWIs
parent e565ad40
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ CPUFlag_XScale * 1:SHL:18 ; it's an XScale, so weird debug
CPUFlag_XScaleJTAGconnected * 1:SHL:19 ; JTAG has been connected
CPUFlag_HiProcVecs * 1:SHL:20 ; High processor vectors are in use
CPUFlag_HighRAM * 1:SHL:21 ; Some of the RAM has a physical address of 2^32 or higher. If set, software should prefer to use APIs which use 64bit physical addresses; older APIs which only support 32bit physical addresses will have limited functionality
CPUFlag_NoPhysicalPages * 1:SHL:22 ; Physical pages do not exist, and cannot be accessed through OS_ReadMemMapEntries and friends. No dynamic area physical pages may be used. (Pyromaniac)
CPUFlag_ExtraReasonCodesFixed * 1:SHL:31 ; Bug causing unknown reason codes to always raise an error has been fixed (bug affected 3.7X, 5.XX, and CallASWI)
; OS_PlatformFeatures 34 flags:
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