Commit 0eeb16a7 authored by Timothy E Baldwin's avatar Timothy E Baldwin Committed by ROOL
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Fix GSTrans of quoted macro variable

    *SetMacro Macro Test
    SYS "OS_GSTrans", """<Macro>""", &10000, &100

Would result in an erroneous "String not recognised" error as the
end of macro variable was reached before closing quote.
Fix by reordering the checks.
parent 02e5e4dc
......@@ -699,14 +699,16 @@ GSREAD_AngleBraDaftSoIsnt
MOV R1, #"<"
B GSREAD_ReturnWithChar ; failed to get sensible variable
TST R2, #GS_In_String ; got CR or LF
BNE GSREAD_BadStringError ; bad string
TST R2, #GS_Macroing
ORREQ lr, lr, #C_bit ; got terminator
ExitSWIHandler EQ
ORR lr, lr, #C_bit ; got terminator
TST R2, #GS_Macroing
BEQ GSREAD_GotToEndCheckInString
; Nest out by one level
LDRB R11, [R12, #GS_StackPtr]
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