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    Support RAM banks with high physical addresses · df4efb68
    Jeffrey Lee authored
    This changes PhysRamTable to store the address of each RAM bank in terms
    of (4KB) pages instead of bytes, effectively allowing it to support a 44
    bit physical address space. This means that (when the long descriptor
    page table format is used) the OS can now make use of memory located
    outside the lower 4GB of the physical address space. However some
    public APIs still need extending to allow for all operations to be
    supported on high RAM (e.g. OS_Memory logical to physical address
    OS_Memory 12 (RecommendPage) has been extended to allow R4-R7 to be used
    to specify a (64bit) physical address range which the recommended pages
    must lie within. For backwards compatibility this defaults to 0-4GB.
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