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      Makefile now uses LocalRes. · 8d7fef76
      David Cotton authored
      	Customer F 8 includes the IIC module, and the resources were not being
      copied in the build due to there being no Japanese versions of them.
      Component has been altered to use LocalRes so that the UK resources are used
      if suitable Locale-based ones are not pesent.
      	Tested locally.
      Version 0.18. Tagged as 'IIC-0_18'
  6. 01 Aug, 2000 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Made interrupt safe, at least on STBs. Also 32-bit compatible, FWIW. · af2f4393
      Ben Avison authored
        A new error, "IIC operation in progress", error number &20301 will be
        returned from SWI IIC_Control under the following circumstances:
        1) if the previous call to IIC_Control has not yet completed; or
        2) if an examination of the interrupt stack indicates that the kernel's
           IIC code is currently threaded. This aspect of operation requires
           detailed knowledge of the kernel; currently the following kernels are
             4.52 (featured in STB-22)
             4.71 (featured in STB-3)
             5.31 (featured in STB-400)
           The knowledge required is the range of addresses covering the routines
           HexToBCD to ReadTime from Kernel.s.PMF.i2cutils. It is also assumed
           that kernels from 4.81 onwards feature an Ursula-style 32-bit
           compatible IRQ stack, rather than an ARM2/3 compatible stack with a
           combined return PC/PSR on the stack.
        32-bit compatibility makes heavy use of the No26bitCode switch, largely
        for consistency with the equivalent code in the kernel, with which it
        obviously shares a common heritage.
        Currently tested only on an STB-22. Required for closed captioning support
        on all STBs.
        It is currently planned that future versions of RISC OS will farm out IIC
        operations to the HAL, so at that point the distinction between the two
        sets of IIC code will be removed. Ideally, the new IIC code would be
        fully re-entrant (ie would complete any foreground IIC operation, then
        do the background operation and then return to the background process).
        We can just about do without that functionality at present.
      Version 0.17. Tagged as 'IIC-0_17'
  7. 04 Feb, 2000 1 commit
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      Dozy Dave can't merge branches properly ;-) · 09e4d5ee
      David Cotton authored
      	When merging the Spinner branch of this module, I changed two TAB
      characters in the help string to spaces. This threw out the formatting of the
      rommodules listing. Fixed by changing back to two TAB's as was present before
      the last change.
      Version 0.16. Tagged as 'IIC-0_16'
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