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    Added new IOCTL reason codes and special field flags for sleeping devicefs. · 3a86b4f5
    Dan Ellis authored
      DeviceFS has been enhanced with the ability to cooperate with Taskwindows
    so as to allow multitasking to continue.  Any devicefs stream, if opened
    with the special field entry 'sleep' will issue OS_UpCall 6 when it would
    normally block.  A flag 'timeout' has also been added which will cause the
    stream to issue a timeout error if it has slept for too long.
      These actions can be set using the generic IOCTLs 4 and 5, the former just
    being a logical switch, the latter being the value in centiseconds for which
    to sleep.
      There is also now a generic special field to specify non-blocking which may
    be used as an alternative to the IOCTL.
      Tested on a RiscPC.
    Version 0.58. Tagged as 'DeviceFS-0_58'
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