1. 10 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      Fix drive lock status reporting for empty drives · dd460369
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        c/driver - Change IsDrawerLocked handler to read the lock status from the drive via mode page &2A, rather than doing a completely unrelated TEST UNIT READY command. On the offchance that &2A isn't implemented, just fall back on our softcopy of the lock state, which is effectively what TEST UNIT READY was doing in the first place.
        h/scsibits - Fix typo in mode page &2A name
        Tested on BB-xM
        CD_IsDrawerLocked now returns a sensible value for empty drives, instead of a drive empty error
        Fixes issue reported on forums where CDFS iconbar menu doesn't allow empty drives to be ejected (for SCSI/USB, at least):
      Version 0.06. Tagged as 'SCSI-0_06'
  2. 08 Aug, 2015 1 commit
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      Simplify makefile · c8e6cf87
      Robert Sprowson authored
      Defaut RES_PATH, CModule now includes its dependents itself, -ff flag also handled for debug builds automatically.
      Version 0.05. Tagged as 'SCSI-0_05'
  3. 22 Aug, 2013 1 commit
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      Let through mode sense page 1 sizes other than 10 · 39fa0545
      Robert Sprowson authored
      From SCSI standard MMC-2 onwards the read/write error recovery parameters page has been defined with a page length of 10, however earlier editions (and drafts) used a page length of 6.
      Rather than rejecting drives built on these standards, since we only want the read retry count at offset 3, permit page 1 responses of either 10 or 6 bytes, reject < 6.
       - change length check to 6
       - adjust comments/debug to remind the reader why
       - fix bug which led to a data abort in MessageTrans, when RAM loaded and the number of CD drives is configured as 0 (or CDDriver is unplugged) and so registration fails, the messages file would be deregistered without first closing the file, leaving MessageTrans' descriptor linked list pointing at non existant messages
      Tested with a Ricoh MP7040S on the Acorn SCSI podule.
      Version 0.04. Tagged as 'SCSI-0_04'
  4. 10 Dec, 2011 1 commit
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      Disable DAP in CD_ReadAudio. Fix CD_PlayTrack. · ded9a9d5
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        c/driver - Disabled DAP in driver_ReadAudio() to avoid issues caused by drives which complain about it. Fixed driver_PlayTrack() to work properly when playing to the end of the track.
        Softload tested on Iyonix
        TS-H552 still a bit dodgy, but seems to mostly be due to bugs elsewhere
      Version 0.03. Tagged as 'SCSI-0_03'
  5. 26 Nov, 2011 1 commit
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      Assorted bugfixes · c2b24ddc
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        c/cmodule - Don't allow module finalisation to fail due to errors returned by CD_Unregister. This ensures the module can still be killed if CDFSDriver has been killed.
        c/driver, h/cdfsbits - Rename SUPPORTED_AUDIOCONTROL_* #defined to be just SUPPORTED_*
        c/driver - Assorted tweaks and fixes:
          - Add DumpBlock function for printing SCSI command blocks, repsonses, etc.
          - Correct response size checks to only complain if the response is under the expected size instead of not equal to it. This should ensure the driver works OK if the response data structures grow in size in the future.
          - Correct READ TRACK INFORMATION size checks to use the MMC 1 size instead of the MMC 2 size
          - Correct read-write error recovery mode page size check in driver_SetParameters
          - Correct driver_SetParameters to not return an error for parameters which are read-only
          - Correct volume level checks in driver_SetAudioParms_VolumeLevels
        Softload version tested on Iyonix & BB-xM.
        Driver now seems to work OK with most drives.
      Version 0.02. Tagged as 'SCSI-0_02'
  6. 20 Nov, 2011 2 commits
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      Add initial version of CDFSSoftSCSI · b9adafeb
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        New CDFS driver module that aims to support all SCSI CD/DVD drives that conform to the MMC SCSI specification. This includes USB attached ones, assuming SCSISoftUSB is loaded.
        Known issues:
        - Only supports MODE SENSE/SELECT 10, so drives which only work with MODE SENSE/SELECT 6 won't work
        - CD speed get/set currently unsupported
        - Inactivity timer multiplier get/set not supported on some drive types
        Tested with softload on Iyonix, ROM build on OMAP3
        Only confirmed to work with one drive model so far - expect a few tweaks to be needed to cope with non-conformant drives
      Version 0.01. Tagged as 'SCSI-0_01'
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      created by srccommit. · 59afc13b
      Jeffrey Lee authored