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Commit 045a679d authored by Jeffrey Lee's avatar Jeffrey Lee Committed by ROOL
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Fix debugging via UART0

HAL_QueryPlatform was attempting debug output before the debug
UART had been initialised. Since both the PL011 & MiniUART
configuration depends on getting/setting firmware values, fix it
by just removing the debug prints from HAL_QueryPlatform.
parent 9f19d29e
......@@ -101,11 +101,6 @@ HAL_SendHostMessage ROUT
HAL_QueryPlatform ROUT
STMFD R13!, {r0-r6, lr}
[ HALDebug
BL HAL_DebugTXStrInline
DCB "QueryPlatform",10,0
CPUDetect r4
MOVCC r4, #GPU_L2CnonAl ; Pi 1 has L2 cache enabled
MOVCS r4, #GPU_UnCached ; Pi 2 has L2 cache disabled
......@@ -229,11 +224,6 @@ gbit ;
MOVNE a1, #-1
STR a1, SafetyCatch
[ HALDebug
BL HAL_DebugTXStrInline
DCB "QueryPlatform done",10,0
LDMFD R13!, {r0-r6, pc}
; In:
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