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    Various updates to do with the messaging channel, HAL_MachineID, and HAL_Reset · ef241880
    John Ballance authored
    	HAL_Reset now causes a complete reboot of the machiine. It isnt yet properly called from
    	the kernel.. I've not investigated why yet. Behaviour tested using OS_Hardware call
    	HAL_MachineID, with the github start.elf from 18 July 2012 will provide a valid MAC address ..
    	i.e. that specific to this machine. The a1 value in HAL_ExtendedID needs to be set 0 for this to be reported
    	by OS_ReadSysInfo .. unfortunately, again at this stage, it stalls the boot when set 0, so just for now
    	the committed value for a1 in HAL_ExtendedID is not 0 .
    	centralised messaging routine added. This is used a fair bit in acquiring the operating environment
    	Not yet used in the DMA stuff. probably ought to be. At present the messaging channel this mainly
    	handles is not complete, so information from this code is still WIP
      (highlight level of testing that has taken place)
      (bugfix number if appropriate)
    Version 0.14. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_14'
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