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    Support new Pi models · 7f397181
    Ben Avison authored
    * Raspberry Pi 400: verified as booting to desktop.
    * Compute Module 3+: some changes to SD support to make it behave like the
      plain Compute Module 3 (previously it was falling into the model B+ code
      path and setting up GPIO in the expectation that an activity LED was
      attached, which is not a given for a Compute Module). Not tested.
    * Compute Module 4: tentative support added. Not tested. In particular, we
      don't know what the revision numbers will be yet, so the entries in
      `GPIO_Board_Conversion_Table` may not match real hardware.
    * SD subsystem now assumes any future models are similar to the Pi 4 and 400,
      and thus we're more likely that they will "just work" out of the box.
    Version 0.92. Tagged as 'HAL_BCM2835-0_92'
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