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    Support optional factory-fit non-removable memory devices · 3483d3d4
    Ben Avison authored
    Some boards feature non-removable memory devices with a no-fit option that
    can only detected by seeing whether the device responds or not once we
    start trying to talk to it. To support these, defer drive allocation until
    the UnitAttached service call. This is already designed to dynamically
    add extra drives in case a shared MMC bus is found, so the only difference
    is that the initial number of drives is 0, not 1. Note that there is still
    a minimum of 1 drive per slot for removable slots, since a removable slot
    may be empty at module initialisation time, and there's no way to
    electrically distinguish an empty socket from a no-fit socket.
    Version 0.11. Tagged as 'SDFS-0_11'
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