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    Strip some old code and options · 48d890c1
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      Since we only really care about the RISC OS 5 version of this module, there are various old switches stretching back 20+ years which can be removed to make the sources a bit easier on the eye:
      * OpticalMemorySupport (-> {TRUE})
      * IgnoreRecoveredError (-> {TRUE})
      * FloppySupport (-> {TRUE})
      * MediaLocking (-> {TRUE})
      * BigDisc (-> {TRUE})
      * AutoDetect (-> {TRUE})
      * HotPlug (-> {TRUE})
      Files changed:
      HelpText, hdr/mymacros, s/Fixes, s/Hdr_fst, s/ScsiFs00, s/ScsiFs05, s/ScsiFs15, s/ScsiFs20, s/ScsiFs50
      Resulting binary unchanged (for default options, at least)
    Version 1.29. Not tagged
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