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    Protect the dynamic area · 46fb605d
    Jeffrey Lee authored
    The PipeFS dynamic area was being created with AP 0, granting usermode
    full read/write/execute access. Attempt to restrict it to just the
    minimum required permissions - privileged read/write for PipeFS access,
    and usermode read for TaskWindow (or other potential UpCall_Sleep
    handlers) checking pollwords.
    This isn't an ideal situation, both because we're exposing the contents
    to everyone, and because systems which are using the long descriptor
    page table format will be forced to use the kernel's AP1 emulation to
    provide usermode read access, adding unnecessary overhead to pollword
    Moving the pollwords to the RMA could be one solution to this (although
    it will re-introducing the possibility for user code to scribble on
    Version 0.25. Tagged as 'PipeFS-0_25'
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