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    Minor fixes · ca0a32b3
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Interface.s: Use error &1E6 for Bad SWI.
    HelpTexts: Use hardspaces to ensure the print server lines up with other *Configure values.
    Commands.s: Fix top-bit-set address bug where commands issued above 2G would be interpreted as a *Configure syntax request. Sort out confusion about internationalising configure commands - the 'PS' of the status report shouldn't be looked up since that would mean the *Configure command changed for each language.
    Tested on a high vectors ARMv7 with strict alignment checking enabled, printing a ~170k DrawFile through PrinterManager 1.83 through NetI 6.26 to !Spooler 1.10 via Ethernet physical link.
    Version 5.60. Tagged as 'NetPrint-5_60'
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