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    Standardise drag-to-iconbar system variable name · f8542a95
    Robert Sprowson authored
    While the behaviour introduced with Ursula whereby files can be dropped on the iconbar filer icon to start a copy/move operation, there is a hidden bit of functionality that you can set an alternative destination directory other than the root.
    This is governed by a system variable, however Acorn's implementation erroneously called this a path, when in fact it's a directory (no trailing dot). RISC OS Ltd fixed this by the time RISC OS 4.00 came along, so this change brings this filer into sync.
    For reference, the variable is "FSTitle + Filer$DefaultDir", where FSTitle can be found by calling OS_FSControl 33. eg. NetFiler$DefaultDir
    Version 0.85. Tagged as 'NetFiler-0_85'
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