1. 14 May, 2001 1 commit
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      Closing a file now allows the underlying filing system to object, preventing... · 4b9cb9e9
      Dan Ellis authored
      Closing a file now allows the underlying filing system to object, preventing the file from being closed.
        The error return from the underlying filing system wasn't being used to
      prevent the fileswitch record for the open file being removed.  This resulted
      in the underlying filing system not being able to prevent closure of a file
      handle.  This behaviour is relied upon by PipeFS when it returns an error
      from the Sleep No More UpCall.
        Tested on RPC.  Note that the 32 bit build doesn't work on the 26 bit
      desktop for no identified reason.
      Version 2.60. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_60'
  2. 10 May, 2001 1 commit
  3. 17 Apr, 2001 2 commits
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      Now works. · 081332d6
      David Cotton authored
          The version of Stewart's notes that I was using to convert the component
      to support ObjAsm was out of date, and hence missed out a couple of sections
      on converting Asm headers to C headers and tokenisation. This would only have
      been picked up when building straight out of CVS. A classic case of RTLM
      (read the latest manual). However, doing this work showed up a bit missing
      from Stewart's notes, so it is really a case of RTLMWSHWI, or read the latest
      manual when Stewart has written it). ;-)
          The makefile has been altered to ensure that the correct operations occur.
          Not tested in a build. Checked the logs from running export headers,
      libs, resources and rom phases against a pre-objasm build and verified that
      all the same steps are occuring.
      Version 2.58. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_58'
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      Altered to use shared makefiles and ObjAsm. · 8d9ceeb7
      David Cotton authored
          As above. No other changes.
          Tested in a Lazarus build.
      Version 2.57. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_57'
  4. 04 Apr, 2001 1 commit
    • Dan Ellis's avatar
      Fixed some data aborts on OS_Args calls · dc300ea2
      Dan Ellis authored
        OS_Args 8 and 9 (ImageStampIS and IOCtl) didn't check that the file handle
      passed to them was legitimate and hence would cause data aborts as they tried
      to access non existant structures.
        Not tested.  Two lines of assembler copied into each function to test
      whether the file handle is valid from other similar calls.
      Version 2.56. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_56'
  5. 03 Apr, 2001 1 commit
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      Minor bugfix. · 7285fc6d
      Ben Avison authored
        UpCall 3 (ModifyingFile) is no longer issued by OS_File 24 (ReadBlockSize).
        Not tested.
      Version 2.55. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_55'
  6. 19 Mar, 2001 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      hdr/LowFSI was not objasm-compatible! · f9694709
      Stewart Brodie authored
        It is not legal for lines to end in \ unless the intention is that the
          line be rejoined.  This caused a structure member to be missing in the
          filing system header file which could have caused absolute havoc.
        Assertions are dead useful ...
        Required by SystemDevices 1.30 or later (and other components)
      Version 2.54. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_54'
  7. 01 Mar, 2001 2 commits
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      Should've removed StripDepnd support from Makefile, since I moved the support... · 0d3e47c5
      Simon Forrest authored
      Should've removed StripDepnd support from Makefile, since I moved the support to MkClean.  Now removed.
      Retagged as FileSwitch-2_53.
    • Simon Forrest's avatar
      * Removed dependency on obsolete STB flag. · 999979db
      Simon Forrest authored
        * No longer relies on the STB flag; instead utilises "Hdr:UserIF.<UserIF>"
          to provide the Embedded_UI flag.
          The only difference between Desktop and Embedded builds is that the
          filing system name is NOT printed on Embedded builds upon Service_Reset.
        * Built and tested on Lazarus 32-bit build.  Code is binary identical to
          previous versions the relied on the STB flag in both the Desktop and
          Embedded cases.
        * Requires HdrSrc 1.17 or later.
      Version 2.53. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_53'
  8. 20 Mar, 2000 3 commits
    • Kevin Bracey's avatar
      32-bit compatible. · a6c7a3b0
      Kevin Bracey authored
        Tested on a 32-bit system; untested on 26-bit, and merge with Ursula branch
      Version 2.52. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_52'
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      RISC OS Ltd changes merged onto trunk. · af0badf9
      Kevin Bracey authored
        (extracted from BuffyLog)
        * Fixed problem with > 67 character filenames in OS_FSControl 26-28.
          buffer now fixed at 256 characters but lengths are now checked.
        * Paths may now be of any length without crashing fileswitch. On some
          occasions errors will be returned for long filenames (usually
          buffer overflow), but it will never crash. This does not stop other
          code (usually upcall handlers) from crashing the machine.
        Not tested (TM). Shout at me if it doesn't work.
      Version 2.51. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_51'
    • Kevin Bracey's avatar
      Ursula branch merged. · e5079366
      Kevin Bracey authored
        Full merge of Ursula branch. Path length limited to 256 if a compile-time
        check says SVCSTK is still &01C02000.
        Fix to bug introduced in RISC OS 3.70 - any errors returned by FSEntry_File
        255 were ignored.
        Some changes from RISC OS Ltd still to come.
      Version 2.50. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_50'
  9. 01 Mar, 2000 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      Exports C version of the HighFSI header file. · 0fd45805
      Stewart Brodie authored
        FileSwitch runs Hdr2H on its hdr.HighFSI file to export reason code
          symbols for the filing system SWIs.
        Required by IPConfig 0.27 and later
      Version 2.41. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_41'
  10. 15 Nov, 1999 1 commit
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      Merged the latest changes on Spinner branch. · 01cd59fe
      David Cotton authored
      	Needed the localres alterations off the Spinner branch that had been
      added since the branch was last merged.
      	Added strdepend to the clean phase.
      	Built locally and on a Funai4 build machine.
      Version 2.40. Tagged as 'FileSwitch-2_40'
  11. 04 Aug, 1999 1 commit
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