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......@@ -842,3 +842,90 @@ Version: 2.27 Mon 06-Mar-95 sproven
up returned error string.
Changed: s.DirStore
Black - RISC OS 3.60 (4.28) build
Version: 2.28 Fri 03-Nov-95 Mike Challis
* Added support for 2048 byte buffers; in fact, the maximum permitted
buffer size is determined by the variable Max_BuffSize, which is
declared as equal to 2048 in hdr.LowFSI.
See PRM3 page 2-531 (FSEntry_Open): 2048 is now an acceptable "natural
block size" as well as 1024, 512, 256, 128 and 64.
* Replaced calls to WriteI, WriteO and Newline by calls to DWriteI, DWriteO
and DNewline in DebugStreamInfo in s.LowLevel: this corrects a bug
in the debugging routines, and ensures that this debug output - when
selected - is sent to its proper destination!
* Added support for "DebugIt" debugging to end of s.DebugOpts.
Changed: hdr.LowFSI
Version: 2.29 Wed 10-Jan-96 WTurner
Changed OS_File 12,14,16 and 255 so that it is StrongARM capable, ie it
'understands' that Apps, Utils and untyped files are code. It can also
be told that the file being loaded is code by setting bit 31 of R3 on
entry to OS_File. When code is loaded, OS_SynchroniseCodeAreas is called
to ensure the loaded file is not in the data cache.
Version: 2.30 Wed 17-Jan-96 WTurner
Minor fix to prevent spurious 'SWI &40102 not known' errors occuring if
the file being 'OSFile_Load'ed is not found
Version: 2.31 Tue 30-Jan-96 WTurner
Fault found thet was introduced in 2.29 of R12 getting trashed. Fixed.
Version: 2.32 Tue 09-Apr-96 WTurner
Now, it fires off a service call just before executing a loaded APP (&FF8):
Entry: R0=0 for pre-decompression, 1 for post-decompresion
R2=start address of the app (usually &8000)
R3=end address
R4=exec address (should be same as R2 for pre-decompression)
Exit: R4 can be modified.
Initially, the service is called with the caches off, for the pre-decompression
call, to ensure strong-arm compatibility.
Secondly, the service is called with the caches on after decompression, to allow
changes such as fixing riscoslib etc.
Version: 2.33 Thu 11-Apr-96 WTurner
Slight change to the service call parameters.
On issue of the service call, R5 points to the filename of the file being
loaded. It does not include command-line parameters
Also, the claimant of the UKCompression service may update R3, should this
be necessary (probably will be when desqueezing).
Version: 2.34 Mon 15-Apr-96 WTurner
Now calls OS_PlatformFeatures before deciding whether to switch the caches
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