Commit 784391d4 authored by Robert Sprowson's avatar Robert Sprowson
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Always UseBigFlag

Conditional now set in stone.
Not tagged.
parent fbcc1f86
......@@ -2174,20 +2174,10 @@ UpdateBadBlockList ROUT
; found end of first list - is there a second list?
[ UseBigFlag
; use BigFlag field for test
LDRB LR, [R5,#DiscRecord_BigMap_Flags]
TSTS LR, #DiscRecord_BigMap_BigFlag
; use size of disc for test
LDR LR, [R5, #DiscRecord_BigMap_DiscSize2]
LDR LR, [R5, #DiscRecord_DiscSize]
TSTS LR, #DiscBits
; no second defect list, use normal code
......@@ -2275,14 +2265,12 @@ UpdateBadBlockList ROUT
; and use similar code to that above to adjust the list, then
; jump back to 37 again to checksum.
[ UseBigFlag
; for safety, check if second defect list actually present
; if not there then do nothing. (Could be unix disc)
LDRB LR, [R5, #DiscRecord_BigMap_Flags]
CLRV ; this is not an error condition
TSTS LR, #DiscRecord_BigMap_BigFlag
; first, find end of the first defect list
......@@ -22,9 +22,6 @@ BigDisc SETL {TRUE}
GBLL BigShare ; Look at share size in disc record
BigShare SETL {TRUE}
GBLL UseBigFlag ; Look at big flag in disc record
UseBigFlag SETL {TRUE}
GBLL BigFiles ; Allow files up to 4G-1 in size
BigFiles SETL {TRUE}
......@@ -1437,17 +1437,9 @@ DoOsFunDefectList64 ROUT
B %BT10
[ UseBigFlag
LDRB lr, [r5, #DiscRecord_BigMap_Flags] ; get flag
TSTS lr, #DiscRecord_BigMap_BigFlag
BEQ %FT25 ; no second defect list
LDR lr, [r5, #DiscRecord_BigMap_DiscSize2]
TSTS lr, lr
LDREQ lr, [r5, #DiscRecord_DiscSize]
TSTEQS lr, #DiscBits
BEQ %FT25 ; this disc does not have the 2nd defect list
LDRB r11,[r5,#DiscRecord_Log2SectorSize]
RSB r10,r11,#32
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