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    Revise exports in "hdr.FileCore". · 9ae2d7ca
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Now, for each SWI call there is a definition of any pertinent structures it asks for and definitions of any bitfields within those flags. This avoids the need for clients to endlessly redefine these locally (in practice it looks like sections of FileCore were simply copy and pasted into clients RAMFS/SCSIFS/ADFS). Delete private definitions.
    This binary was carefully checked to be identical since so many locations were changed.
    Then, the following additional changes:
    * InitDieSvc line 74, the floppy config is extracted using a mask and shift rather than reaching up the stack
    * Identify lin 1254, the superfluous instruction marked as such deleted
    * FileCore15 line 762 recoded the check for background op to not need the bit number defined any more
    * FileCore00 moved the label 'anull' to be word aligned guaranteed
    The duff pointer marker ('nowt' = &40000000) is no longer used to mark territory translation tables as invalid as that address is now quite reasonable. -1 is used ...
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