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    Extend upper permissable file size to 4GB-1 · 47fd7e2c
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Tested for ~200,000 cycles in various configurations with FSBash, with no integrity problems, nor bad maps. However, background transfers (currently only used by ADFS) is still being endurance tested, hence is currently disabled.
    Users should note that they can create big files without needing to reformat their drives, however if reverting to an older copy of FileCore the files must not be opened, loaded, or deleted (it's fine to view the directory, just don't expect old FileCore to know how to parse such long fragment runs).
    Current versions of DiscKnight (1.49) do not understand long fragment runs.
    * Reviewed and expunged various signed comparisons of file pointers in the existing tests
    * Added new tests for big files which attempt to aggrevate all the usual problems passing over and up to important boundaries
    * Makefile recreated from fragments
    * Some compiler warning squashed
    * Some notes added for big file support
    Commands: swapped to using Command macro
    HelpText: labels renamed to help Command macro
    GenSWIs: text table name for SectorDiscOp ammended to match exported header and corresponding secondary module names (ADFS_SectorDiscOp et al). The usefulness of calling the base instantiation of FileCore_SectorDiscOp is minimal, especially from BASIC.
    Messages: message for attempting to check an old map disc made less terse
    hdr/FileCore: typo
    Version 3.56. Tagged as 'FileCore-3_56'
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