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    Fix search limits in FillGap · 3007949f
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/FileCore32 - The "try double exact fit" bit of the FillGap routine wasn't ensuring the search end address was word aligned, sometimes causing the search to run off the end of the FragSize array and into the memory before it.
    This itself is mostly harmless (there's a check at line 1161 against the exact bit address at which the search should stop), except that check only gets perfomed once a nonzero bit is encountered.
    Sometimes this check doesn't get performed at all, causing the search to fall off the start of ScratchSpace, and - with relocated zero page - into the unmapped memory beyond.
    By rounding the search end address down, we ensure it's word aligned, without altering the actual size of the area.
      Tested on BB-xM with high processor vectors
    Version 3.52. Tagged as 'FileCore-3_52'
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