Commit 0b0dc56c authored by Robert Sprowson's avatar Robert Sprowson

Swallow a class of ambiguous disc name errors

When the dreaded ambiguous disc name error occurs ADFSFiler has logic to suppress the error and proceed when possible. However the check was against specifically FS number 8 (ADFS), SDFS and SCSIFS didn't benefit.
Now, matching on any FS number, it is possible to toggle between 2 (eg.) SD cards of the same name just as you can 2 ADFS floppies.

Also, fix the SDFS standalone build to pick up the Sprites file from the UserIF.
parent fc930421
......@@ -627,9 +627,9 @@ PathDefault DCB "Resources:$$.Resources.$FSTitle.Filer."
[ standalone
ResourceFile $MergedMsgs, Resources.SDFSFiler.Messages
ResourceFile Resources.SDFS.Sprites, Resources.SDFSFiler.Sprites
ResourceFile LocalRes:Templates, Resources.SDFSFiler.Templates
ResourceFile $MergedMsgs, Resources.SDFSFiler.Messages
ResourceFile Resources.SDFS.<UserIF>, Resources.SDFSFiler.Sprites
ResourceFile LocalRes:Templates, Resources.SDFSFiler.Templates
ResourceFile $MergedMsgs, Resources.SCSIFiler.Messages
......@@ -2884,7 +2884,8 @@ checkambiguous Entry "r1-r5"
LDR r14, [r0] ; check error number
LDR r2, =&1089E ; "ambiguous disc name"
BIC r14, r14, #&FF00 ; match on any FS number
LDR r2, =&1009E ; FileCore FS "ambiguous disc name"
TEQ r14, r2
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