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    Retired FileCore_Create "No directory state" startup option · 61dadf8c
    Ben Avison authored
      Despite what the PRM says about *Configure options Dir and NoDir, the
      CMOS bit which they control was actually read by the filing systems and
      passed to FileCore via register R3 passed to FileCore_Create. In practice,
      only ADFS appears to have done this correctly. However, since RISC OS 3.00,
      FileCore has not managed the CSD (this function being taken over by
      FileSwitch) so this option hasn't actually done anything for the last
      21 years! Given that the other FileCore filing systems have managed fine
      without the Dir/NoDir option being set correctly, I think the time has come
      to stop using this part of the FileCore_Create API, which means we can free
      up a bit of CMOS.
      Builds but not tested, but a very low-risk change.
    Version 3.43. Tagged as 'ADFS-3_43'
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