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    Loading to/saving from top-bit-set addresses should now work. · 28968ea5
    Ben Avison authored
      The problem was in the API definition of the scatter lists used in
      background data transfer. These consist of a sequence of word pairs,
      holding addresses and lengths; any negative (ie top-bit-set) address word
      is defined to mean that the list continues at an location that is offset
      by that amount. To get around this, the check is now made not on whether
      the address word is negative, but on whether it is equal to or greater
      than (less negative than) &FFFF0000. This means that accesses to these
      addresses will still fail, but such addresses should be reserved for
      system use anyway.
      Tested briefly.
    Version 3.33. Tagged as 'ADFS-3_33'
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