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    Minor bugfix to MiscOp 1 for '765 floppy disc driver · 138040d0
    Ben Avison authored
      If the sequence number did not have the expected value on entry (i.e. the
      caller had missed at least one state change) then the driver always reported
      Changed, even for floppy drives without a working disc changed line. This
      was the only time when Changed was reported for such drives - now it reports
      MaybeChanged in this case, which is consistent with the 1772 floppy driver.
      Also removed the confusingly-named (and unused) symbols DefectStruc and
      DefectCheck, in line with similar changes to SCSIFS and FileCore.
      Untested, but should be a safe change.
    Version 3.44. Tagged as 'ADFS-3_44'
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