Commit 9336a4d1 authored by John Farrell's avatar John Farrell
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NC1 options created - same as old one except name.

parent d6aef162
; Wimp options for the NC Model 1 (NCOS 1.06/1.1) build of the Window Manager
module_postfix SETS " NC1"
Option STB, true
Option NoCommandPrompt, true ; Don't show "Press SPACE..." when closing command
; window
Option DontCheckModeOnInit, true ; Don't validate the configured Wimp mode in module
; init, do it on startup
Option ShrinkAbleAreas, true:LAND:Medusa ; Support shrinkable dynamic areas
Option BlendedFonts, true ; Blend fonts directly with window backgrounds
Option KeyboardMenus, true ; Allow keyboard control of menus
Option DeleteRight, true ; Delete key deletes right
Option DisableShiftF12, true ; Disable Shift-F12 iconbar toggling
Option Twitter, true ; Anti-twitter on redraws
Option RegisterWIMPSymbolFont, false ; Don't register WIMPSymbol font
Option UseAMBControl, false ; don't delegate task memory management to OS_AMBControl
Option StrongARM, false ; StrongARM compatibility not required
Option PoppingIconBar, true:LAND::LNOT:DisableShiftF12
ASSERT International_Help <> 0
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