Commit 2404aff8 authored by Robert Sprowson's avatar Robert Sprowson
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Addition of thumbnail sprites in support of theme setup plugin

No code changes to Wimp, not tagged.
parent 2137a784
......@@ -56,6 +56,8 @@ install:
IfThere LocalRes:${USERIF}.DiscSprites.Sprites11 Then ${CP} LocalRes:${USERIF}.DiscSprites.Sprites11 ${INSTDIR}.${USERIF}.Sprites11 ${CPFLAGS}
IfThere LocalRes:${USERIF}.DiscSprites.Sprites22 Then ${CP} LocalRes:${USERIF}.DiscSprites.Sprites22 ${INSTDIR}.${USERIF}.Sprites22 ${CPFLAGS}
IfThere LocalRes:${USERIF}.DiscSprites.Tools Then ${CP} LocalRes:${USERIF}.DiscSprites.Tools ${INSTDIR}.${USERIF}.Tools ${CPFLAGS}
IfThere LocalRes:${USERIF}.DiscSprites.CoFlags Then ${CP} LocalRes:${USERIF}.DiscSprites.CoFlags ${INSTDIR}.${USERIF}.CoFlags ${CPFLAGS}
IfThere LocalRes:${USERIF}.DiscSprites.CoSprite Then ${CP} LocalRes:${USERIF}.DiscSprites.CoSprite ${INSTDIR}.${USERIF}.CoSprite ${CPFLAGS}
@${ECHO} ${COMPONENT}: disc theme resources installed
| Instruct the configure plugin how to augment the Raspberry theme
WimpVisualFlags -WindowOutlineOver -WOC &505258
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