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    Fix for missing window backgrounds/scroll bars when tiled sprite op not supported · f0e0f3ad
    Robert Sprowson authored
    For the backgrounds, the code was switched with 'standalone' however the Wimp actively wipes SA_FLAGS in its makefile so the standalone switch is always false during the install phase of a disc build. Also, the standalone switch is used to include resources which are ordinarily handled by the boot sequence prefixing the WindowManager$Path rather than using ResourceFS.
    For the scroll bars, the decision to plot manually was being made by looking at the V flag on return from Tool_SpriteOp, except that that function uses EntryS/EXITS so the caller can't see the return flags.
    Added new switch CanTileManually, removed 0 use tilewithspriteops switch.
    Changed single use of NoFontBodge switch to use preferred 'outlinefont'.
    Tested on RISC OS 4.02.
    Version 5.41. Tagged as 'Wimp-5_41'
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