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    Add Wimp_Extend 15, "read slot size" · 4610877c
    Jeffrey Lee authored
    Wimp_Extend 15 is equivalent to Wimp_SlotSize,-1,-1, with the exception
    that the sizes returned in R0-R2 are now measured in pages instead of
    bytes. This allows code to accurately read the amount of free memory on
    machines with >2GB of RAM, and provides some future-proofing should we
    ever wish to support tasks with >2GB of RAM (e.g. via a future
    super-jumbo wimpslot, or more likely via sparse/PMP wimpslots, where
    the physical size is larger than the logical size).
    Currently there's no need to provide a page-based call to set the slot
    size (~2GB is fine for the forseeable future), so this call only
    focuses on reading the sizes.
    Version 5.67. Tagged as 'Wimp-5_67'
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