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    Fixes for dropping text into writable icons · 30c0dbf5
    Andy Vawer authored
    * If dragging text from a writable icon and the source text or selection disappears during the drag, an ofla error occurs. Change to abort quietly (ie no text copied as nothing to copy) and remove the ghost caret from view.
    * Remove ghost caret on invalid dropped drags
    * Either use correct insert point from ghost caret when receiving a drag, or use current mouse coords for the destination if no ghost caret present.
    * Change datasave handling to check ghost caret presence for the destination rather than trying to check the enhanced datasave state.
    * Use window X coord for drop rather than screen Xcoord to ensure correct insert point.
    Fixes dragging multiline text areas from Draw leaving a ghost caret when it failed, and dragging a basic text object from Draw now inserts at the correct place.
    Version 5.80. Tagged as 'Wimp-5_80'
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