Commit 857c51e9 authored by Kevin Bracey's avatar Kevin Bracey
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Makefile modified for new ToolboxLib, and to use new linker

parent f0738ec0
......@@ -50,9 +50,9 @@ ABSSYM = RISC_OSLib:o.AbsSym
# Include files
INCLUDES = -Itbox:,C:
INCLUDES = -IC:tboxlibs,C:
LIBS = tbox:wimplib
LIBS = C:tboxlibs.o.wimplib
......@@ -114,8 +114,7 @@ ${TARGET}: ${OBJS} ${ROMCSTUBS}
${MKDIR} linked
${MKDIR} map
${LD} -o linked.${COMPONENT} -map -bin -base ${ADDRESS} ${TARGET} ${ABSSYM} > map.${COMPONENT}
truncate map.${COMPONENT} linked.${COMPONENT}
${LD} -o linked.${COMPONENT} -rmf -base ${ADDRESS} ${TARGET} ${ABSSYM}
@echo ${COMPONENT}: rom_link complete
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