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FS_Entry reason codes:
0 - NoOp - Just return.
1 - Get device name
r0 - 1 (Reason code)
r1 - FS number.
r2 -> Buffer.
r3 -> device name / id.
r0 - length of name
r1 - preserved.
r2 - preserved.
r3 - preserved.
2 - Get free space for device.
r0 - 2 (Reason code)
r1 - FS number.
r2 -> Buffer
r3 -> Device name / id .
Registers preserved.
[r2] - Total size of device.
[r2+4] - Free space on device.
[r2+8] - Used space on device.
r2 = 0 if size unchanged from last time read.
3 - Compare device.
r0 - 3 (Reason code)
r1 - FS number.
r2 -> filename.
r3 -> Device id.
r6 -> Special field.
Registers preserved.
Z set if r2 & r6 result in a file on the device pointed to by r3.
This call can simply return with Z set if the filing system is a FAST
filing system (E.G. RAMFS).
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