Commit 4e3702b7 authored by Ben Avison's avatar Ben Avison
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BBE tidying.

  Tightened up BBE resources export, to exclude in appropriate files (this
  component has a non-standard resources directory structure).
  Tested in a Tungsten BBE build.

Retagged, since this won't affect any existing builds.
parent 025b31c0
...@@ -35,4 +35,12 @@ resources: ...@@ -35,4 +35,12 @@ resources:
include StdTools include StdTools
include AAsmModule include AAsmModule
BBETYPE = desktop
bbe-desktop: bbe-generic-resources-get-alias
BBE_Export_File_In_Dir Resources.${LOCALE} CmdHelp
BBE_Export_File_In_Dir Resources.${LOCALE} Messages
BBE_Export_File_In_Dir Resources.${LOCALE} Templates
BBE_Export_Dir Resources.${LOCALE}.${USERIF}
BBE_Export_File VersionNum
# Dynamic dependencies: # Dynamic dependencies:
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