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    Allow mixer devices to indicate the range of supported gain values · 48305b99
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      This adds support for version 0.1 of the HAL mixer device API. Mixer devices which implement this version of the API are able to indicate the min/max gain values each mixer supports, along with the smallest gain step.
      Docs/SoundCtrl - Updated to describe how this new information is exposed to RISC OS
      h/MixerDevice, hdr/MixerDevice - Updated mixer device structure definitions
      c/module - Added code to read gain information if present. Also fixed runtime mixer registration/deregistration to accept any device of version 0.x instead of 0.0
      Tested in OMAP3 ROM & Tungsten ROM softload.
    Version 1.01. Tagged as 'SoundCtrl-1_01'
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