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!Player can play MIDI files (through MIDIPort 0, i.e. the default MIDI OUT
port) and sound sample player (through SharedSound). Sample formats supported
are: ArmMovie, 'Data', Armadeus, AudioWrk, WaveForm (WAV), Riff, DOS and

For sales and support, please contact sales@liquid-silicon.com and NOT ESP.

!Player history

1.37	26/32-bit neutral modules. Requires RISC OS 3.50 or later.
	Fixed MIDIPlay module, had problems with dynamic areas. Now doesn't
	use them.
	Removed hourglass when playing samples.
	Stopped Menu button confusingly activating the icons.
	Fixed Control button bring greyed out unless loading a MIDI file
	first. Don't know if this was a bug or a feature!
	File/song name increased from 10 to 16 characters.
	Now resets song pointer on new sample loads.

1.37a	Had left some test lines in e.g. when dragging an unknown file in.

There appear to be some issues on 8-bit sound Risc PCs, where the sound can
sometimes give crackles or white noise after pressing Stop. This hasn't been
tracked down. Usually having !Synth loaded solves the problems.