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    Fix crashes when dragging from the sprite filer to the filer to save sprite(s). · 97539240
    Robert Sprowson authored
    The use of DragASprite tended to cause an abort somewhere in the kernel's sprite handling code for some reason, changed this to instead create a temporary WIMP icon on the sprite filer in question which can than be referred to in a normal call to xfersend(). The rest of the save is then handled by the normal xfersend() handlers and the temporary icon destroyed since the WIMP takes a copy anyway.
    Has the extra benefits
     * Dragging from the sprite filer now obeys the 'solid drag' flags.
     * Dragging from the sprite filer no longer crashes if dropping back on the originating filer window itself.
    When dragging a selection from the filer the selection is cleared at the end of the drag, to match the behaviour of the desktop filer. When saving a selection from the 'Selection' menu, they are not deselected.
    Changed to use the 'package' icon when dragging multiple sprites, or file_ff9 for singles.
    Version 2.06. Tagged as 'Paint-2_06'
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