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      Deleted some junk from CVS. · 6244b2ae
      Robert Sprowson authored
      On creating a new sprite (which is white) an attempt is made to select the
      furthest colour from white in the palette.
      Corrected icon shading in create dialogue,redid create template.
      On closing a file the sprites are freed in reverse order in an attempt to
      make it faster (as the blocks are flex'd in the other order) - will speed
      up some situations.
      When there are 0 sprites in a file the "Save" entry is greyed,this was
      causing a internal error nasty looking error box before.
      Tweak to allow the debug to be compiled again.
      Filesize info box now used OS_ConvertFileSize as the display field
      overflowed for files > 1M ish.
      File info box made longer than 50 characters,that was a bit stingy.
      Local flood fill with transparent mask added.
      Reworded some of the messages.
      Added "sort by name" to misc menu - sorts the sprites by name oddly enough.
      The delete rows/columns now rounds up the grid coordinates,before there
      were cases where you could never quite select the edge column/row,for
      example a 79*98 sprites zoomed to x8 versus x7.
      Version 1.96. Tagged as 'Paint-1_96'
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